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Orbital is custom blockchain ERP solution provider. We offer a full stack ERP blockchain and side chain integrations. We help companies leverage Blockchain while protecting their sensitive data.

We provide a cloud business platform that runs blockchain business modules specialized for tracking business data and operations. Modules are available pre-packaged or à la carte.

We service customers of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.


Our platform is a 100% cloud based solution, we deploy on AWS enabling your operations to work from anywhere around the globe. We can integrate VPN, multiple facilities, and synchronize their activities to a global ERP Blockchain. Encryption is implemented for all communications to keep data secure. We also provide robust business centric cloud storage and file sharing. File sharing is available for you and your customers to collaborate. Everything is managed in one system.


We always integrate the latest technologies and conduct research and development. Whether it is Machine learning on the business processes analytics or AI Artificial Intelligence to acquire new sales opportunities for you, we are constantly innovating.

Professional Support

We are here to help you every step of the way. We enjoy working with clients and helping them reach their business goals through the use of our platform.

Developer Friendly

If you require API access to your data and would like to integrate in an automated way, we have you covered. The Orbital platform comes with a full RESTful API allowing you to integrate with your legacy or custom systems.

Parallax Features


Whether your are on the go, on the plant floor or in the field, it is our mandate to ensure you can do any and all business functions through your mobile device.


Send a client an Invoice.

Time Tracking

Record the time allocated to projects.

Add a New Customer

Access your CRM, notify your sales team to immediately see new prospects.

Manage Inventory

Scan and Track assets as they move around.

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Book an Order

Do sales in real time. Never miss an opportunity.

Accept Payment

The platform does point of sale (POS) anywhere!

Conduct Inspections

Fill out your built inspections and checklists.

Log Safety Events

Record and document safety observations for compliance and continuous improvement

Orbital Pricing

Below are common pre-packaged module solutions that may suit your business depending on its size. We are 100% certain we can accommodate your business needs by customizing a package specifically for you. We know that all businesses are unique, and need a varying scope of functionality in their systems. We can help you assemble the modules you need and form a custom solution. Simply Contact Us.

Small Business

From $350 USD Per Month

Cloud Business Essentials

This tier is ideal for businesses like a small Job Shop, Commercial Contractor, Industrial Contractor, or Construction Company.

Up to 10 Employees

All the basics, manage jobs, billing, getting paid.


Medium Business

From $750 USD Per Month

Cloud Business Advanced

This tier is ideal for businesses that have a larger foot print, If you are consistently doing over One Million dollars in sales then this is for you.

Up to 200 Employees

Additional modules are present within this tier such as production management, tool crib technology, asset management, and more advanced personnel management such as competency tracking.

Large Business

From $1500 USD Per Month

Cloud Business Ultimate

This is the full stack of modules. Everything is included.

Up to 1000 Employees

This tier is the full arsenal of cloud business technology. Manage business activities from multiple locations, manage sub-contractors, manage dealers / agents, sequential global sales orders and billing, managing inventory from multiple locations and much more.

Want to Build Your Own Solution?


The Orbital Cloud Business Platform is specialized in the manufacturing, construction, energy, and industrial services sectors due to our strong modules for safety and compliance. The platform can however be used for many other types of business that need industrial strength business data tracking.

Browse the modules below and click the link icon for more details.

Production Management

Track production batches and quality straight into Inventory.

Safety Tracking

Perform Audits, Inspections, Job Hazard Assessments, Observations, Incident Logging, FLRAs, LOTOs and more.

Training Management

Manage training & expiry. Create training items and apply them to employees.

Course Scheduling

Create training courses and certificates, schedule internal and externally provided training.

Competency Management

Create and apply competency models to your workforce. Model and Track essential soft skills and workplace task capabilities.

Equipment Inspections

Tag all your equipment, attach data sheets operating manuals and inspection forms. Inspections can be custom built.

Time Tracking

Track time against billable and non-billable projects. Easily invoice and create time billing orders.


Easily create invoices via automated business process or a one off Invoice. Track aging, payment status, and all outstanding.

Payment Processing

Accept online payment for invoices or retail sales directly through our platform. Share payment links or act as a POS.

Shipping & Receiving

Track physical stock arriving on PO or leaving as orders. Create order packing lists and commercial invoices.

Inventory Management

Manage raw and finished stock inventory. Production runs deplete raw stock while orders deplete finished stock upon shipping.

Order Processing

Accept orders in the form of customer online orders, inside or outside sales orders, or from a dealers/agents. Track order lifecycle and view statistics as they convert to final billing and delivery.

Dealer Management

Manage your sales channel of Dealers and Agents. Dealer logins, sales reports, volume metrics. Allows for dealer inventory management of product lines.

Subcontractor Management

Manage competency, training, safety, and assets / equipment for subcontractors. Perform inspections audits and various reporting on these entities.


Full E-Commerce ordering and sales web portal driven off your realtime inventory. Process sales and get paid!

General Accounting

Double Entry Ledger with export and import capability, create a financial model and perform bookkeeping activities.


Understand cost of production, assign cost components to a finished product to understand what products yield the greatest profits and how to optimize production.


Manage companies and individuals, track communications, attach documents, agreements, view business history and much more.
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