Our business is ALWAYS ahead of the curve, lean, and competitve.

We have always favored product over growth, building towards a future event. Now we are at the tipping point of a social revolution of work and opportunity. We are excited to share to the world what we can truly deliver.

Our success comes from our constant re-investment in education, R&D, and ultimately enabling product/platform development. We have the product the future needs. Throughout our business cycles there are constant technological advancements related to cloud, mobile and now AI/ML and advanced devops. We have learned and experienced the many aspects of the SaaS business model and the sectors we served. We now feel ready to take our offering to the world at a much larger strategic scale.

Now that we are upon the pivotal shift to Digital Twinning, the Metaverse, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI & Edge Intelligence, we realize we can to move to a faster growth cycle and financing method. We could be termed as a 'Dark Unicorn'. Feuled with the right capital model and runway we are sure to reach new heights. We have a head start like no other.

The convergence of technologies is accelerating, and we must match pace. Therefore, we are now for the first time opening up to ideas of external capital investment through SAFE agreements aqnd true equity partners. You can also invest in us by simply doing business as a B2B partner.

All business done to date is a proof of our platform vision and ability to execute. We are building a product for the future that is coming, the fact we got paid along the way was just a bonus. It is all valuable work and counts towards deep market research and product market fit. The recent advances in technology paint us a clear vision and path forward, to build and position our company for a new social work reality. We have a massive head start on technology developed and market understanding due to our ultra lean approach.

We are seeking to raise our first round with smart money, build the right distribution and agent partnerships. We will grow our team to develop these new market opportunities.

If you are an investor interested in the intersection of B2B,B2C, ML/AI, B2C, Ed Tech, Blockchain & Fintech, please reach out to learn more about the specifics of investing in Orbital.