We are constantly on the lookout for those A players! Bonus if you love basketball!

Our expectation is that through our emerging network of advisors, we will be able to find serially successful and culturally compatible talents that share our vision of the future.

Much like the founders of Cisco, we are a husband & wife team focused on building something magnificent together.

Wendy Jubinville , CMO / Business Development & Digital Marketing
MBA in Disgital Marketing (in progress), BSc Sociology, Journeyman Industrial Welder, Artist

Wendy is a core team member who brings clarity to the company strategy through her commitment to excellence. Wendy has single handedly brought the company most of our customers through her bold direct marketing via LinkedIn and her targeting of the right companies.

Wendy is currently working on a modern advanced MBA in Digital Marketing that will add stronger fundamental business and sales operation practices to our company.
Neil Jubinville , Founder & CTO, Instrumentation Engineering Technologist, Graduate of University of Alberta Computer Science Extension with Diplomas in Internet Architecture & Distributed Systems Design. Active in University of London BsC Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

Neil is passionate about emerging technology and the positive impacts it can have on society. Neil believes the best way to predict the future is to create it! As a result, Neil is an agressive autodidact and software polyglot across a wide range of technologies, computing paradigms, and engineering languages. His knowledge also spans into the physical world of robotics and product design with CNC, 3D Printing, and IoT rapid prototyping.

Neil is also actively modernizing and formalizing his talents with a specialized degree in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. On his path of continuous development, we are sure see an MBA in his future as well!